Large Magnificent perched Eagle or Mascot

 Large concrete eagles stands at an impressive 42 inches tall and 36 inches long. This is our largest eagle statue. 
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for your home, business or school.  This statue is hand crafted at the Statuary USA in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 
Natural $425
Detail painted (as pictured) $475

 Wing spread Eagle

(Nunnikoven Eagle)
This magnificent wing spread eagle boasts a wingspan of 46 inches. The eagle is perfect for a business, school mascot, memorial garden, and for the eagle enthusiasts. 
Natural concrete: $175
Painted detailed color: $225

 large 4' wingspan concrete eagle statue sitting upon a rock and constructed of solid concrete exterior statue soaring eagle
 massive wing spread wingspread concrete bald eagle flying and soaring to the tops perched on a solid base
 Many more eagle statues available, please contact us for more photos and check back to our website often as we update often
liberty eagle perched on a rock sitting tall and proud, symbol of the military and the United States of America 

 More Eagle Statues available

 magnificent flying soaring eagle with wings spread painted bald eagle